Mariana Flores Melo: Women Abuse, Terrible Consequences

Abusing women can lead to severe consequences in their lives. When women are physically abused, they will be less likely to have a good interaction with their husbands and probably with other men. This is because the association of men being rude and harmful will be stuck in their minds and that is a consequence of the fact that their husbands treat them badly. Women are definitely weaker than men in physical terms and this is one of the reasons on why they should not be harmed by men.

Women who are abused will not life happily but instead will live with fear and that is totally bad. Women who are constantly abused have a harder time in thieve lives because of the many abuses they have received.


Raping is another form of abuse on women. Consider that women who are abused have a very difficult time getting confident in the rest of their life activities. It will be more likely that you see women frightened when they are abused at home.

Fear, nervousness and lacks of joy is what can be expected when women are abused like that. It is really Important that more people gets to know that women are being attacked in their own homes. Not all women of course but women around the world have been constantly abused and you can be sure that today there are women who are being abused. Throughout history, this has also happened and this behavior should stop.

Remember that abusing is never a way to solve any problem and if you have been one of those men who have done that, you caused a lot of damage to your wife. Please consider changing that attitude since it leads to no improvement and you have to be a person with a better attitude toward the mother of your children!