Feminist Movement: Women and Their Choices

Mariana Flores: A Woman Working

Do you think that women are doom to make the same bad decisions all the time? Usually, men think that women are so emotional that in difficult situations they lose control and everything goes wrong because they (women) cannot be in charge and have self-control. But is that real? Or is it just an excuse from men to have all the control and make them surrender?

Mariana Flores: Women Can Have Options
Mariana Flores: Women Can Have Options

It could be right in some situations; it could be true that women are:

  • Emotional
  • Demanding

But also:

  • Beautiful
  • Smart
  • Many of the cases, well educated
  • Lovely

Women are so interested in be better than before, be better citizens than they were in the past, be understood from their families, and their couples, because they need to be taken seriously.

They are not just mothers; they are not just sex objects, they are not just a body, they are more than that.

Regarding to their sexual reproduction, women accomplished the full control of their bodies with the pill and other methods of birth-control. They felt free because they have more choices than being a mom, they could enjoy other aspects in life that do not involve motherhood.

Mariana Flores: Businesswoman
Mariana Flores: Businesswoman

Having the pill was something incredibly important because they could avoid getting marry with someone that they didn’t really love just because they got pregnant, and that in the best cases; in others, babies weren’t so lucky and were abandoned or they didn’t actually born.

Having the pill, as you have seen, started the revolution for women and they could have options in their lives. More than being a wife or a mother, they also could be amazing workers, entrepreneurs, and more.

Right now we know that women could be wives, moms, and professionals in whatever area of knowledge they want.