Mariana Flores: Women’s Rights: Long and Short Hair

When it comes to personal care, women are adept at looking good, or at least a large majority of women around the world try to look good for reasons that should always motivate them; for example:

Mariana Flores: Demi Lovato Using Short Hair
Mariana Flores: Demi Lovato Using Short Hair
  • Look good because she feels good so,
  • Because it is an arrangement for herself,
  • Because it is a professional person and knows that at work should be a certain way, but still not want to lose her trademark.

Speaking of one of the things that most concerns to women, it is hair. For women hair is such an important issue because it represents:

  • A symbol of femininity,
  • Of health,
  • And it turns out to be attractive for others.
Mariana Flores: Short Hair Is Part of Fashion
Mariana Flores: Short Hair Is Part of Fashion

But there are women who have chosen to have it short because they do not like all the responsibilities of having long hair, or maybe they like it that way. However, it has been developed in that respect a kind of stigma because it is believed that the woman with short hair may have too masculine traits in his personality.

What this text is trying to express is that women have been taught that they should use some type of attire only because they are women. Even society stigmatizes short hair as too masculine for women. Nevertheless, there is nothing more false than that. Women have the right to look as they want, as long as her look is their own decision, and not anyone else.