Mariana Flores: Women’s Rights: Between Wildness and Stillness

Mariana Flores: Freedom for women!

Women, despite being powerful creatures in the world, have suffered many injustices throughout history. They are human beings that men had ignored for a long time, and they have been used for all kind of bad intentions. They had been used for sex; they didn’t have the right to vote until 1920’s, can you imagine that? Centuries of having a civilized world, but women were not allowed to vote, to have a voice in the government, nothing at all, and while that was happening: women were slaves, abused wives, without the right of higher education, etc. It was awful for thousand of years.

Mariana Flores: Women Learning How to Vote
Mariana Flores: Women Learning How to Vote

In the National Women’s History Project, it is explained how women have struggled to become more important in the world stage, and how difficult this has been, but why? That is the question. It’s simple: men are used to be the leaders, the commanders, who have the strength, who decide what is good and what is wrong. However, women are more powerful today and you may have noticed that, we are in a feminist world, in that sense today we have:

  1. Women who are presidents.
  2. Women with their own business.
  3. Intellectual women in a lot of areas.

    Mariana Flores: Women Working
    Mariana Flores: Women Working
  4. The right to decide if we want to be a mom or not. It’s our body, we can choose no matter what.
  5. The right to be treated as equals.

And many other things that make women wonderful human beings with a lot of tools for taking a path: being gentile and naive, or being aggressive and smart and having a vision of greatness. It’s your decision; you can be as Elizabeth Cady Stanton when she decided to make a progress with her revolutionary Declaration of Sentiments and started a whole movement, or you can be a wife making dinner for your loving husband and let life pass.  What are you going to choose?