[Mariana Flores] Women’s History Month

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Maiana Flores - Ella Baker
Maiana Flores – Ella Baker

Ella Baker and the SNCC | The African Americans

As a grassroots organizer and founder of “SNCC”, Ella Baker fought to eradicate sexism and racism through peaceful protests. In this video, learn about Ella Baker and her contributions to civil rights for women.

Mariana Flores - Margaret Sanger
Mariana Flores – Margaret Sanger

The Right to Health Care: Roots of the Pill

As a nurse in New York, Margaret Sanger witnessed the unnecessary suffering of women due to reproductive issues. These experiences inspired her to advocate for birth control and establish the first birth control clinic in America. This clinic later evolved into Planned Parenthood. In this video, learn more about Sanger and the fight for reproductive rights

Mariana Flores -Jane Roe
Mariana Flores -Jane Roe

Women’s Right to Choose

Roe v. Wade marked a momentous moment in legal literature and social sentiments. Through this court decision, women gained sovereignty over their bodies and the choice over their health care. This video clip examines Jane Roe’s role in the fight for women’s right to health care.

Picture from Civil War-era sheet music

The Lasting Impact of Women in the Civil War

The following examines women entering the workplace during war time. During the Civil War, women began working in textile mills and as army nurses. Through their efforts, they affirmed their contributory role in the workplace; aiding the war movement and saving lives. Use this video clip to teach students about the critical roles of nurses like Dorothea Dix and Clara Barton.

IX legislation

Title IX and the Education Amendments of 1972

Title IX legislation was integral in providing women with the opportunity to not only participate in sports but to get an education and enter the workplace. It encouraged institutions to provide equal opportunities to men and women.

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