[Mariana Flores] Women are abused

Mariana Flores - Women's rights

When it comes to the rights of women, there are plenty of things that you should know about it.

There are plenty of women who have been abused in history and what is possibly worst is not that fact but that they do not really report those abuses to authorities. This is really wrong, how comes that people do not do anything when they are being attacked so often in such a way. But wait, there is an explanation for that. Women as any other human beings can be afraid of what could happen!


Just consider their situation. It is really hard for a woman to just say “I will report you to the police” to her husband. The situation worsens when there are children involved and you can be sure, many women are in that specific situation.

Then, since women are being abused in such a way and if they can almost do nothing but defend as they can from every attack they receive, shouldn’t the authorities on their own do something? That makes a lot of sense if you consider the previous information. 

Mariana Flores - Women's rights
Mariana Flores – Women’s rights

There are also other problems that concern women in our days and it is that many times, they do not want their marriages to become a divorce. Women want to defend their marriages and that is something good since marriage should be a life lasting compromise. It is necessary that women and people who can do something do their best so that everything can become better for these women’s situation.

Women have had this struggle since long ago, but they do not lose their hope, here are opportunities for women who want to get out of their situations today. Consider this for you as well and never abuse women because they do have rights and they are human beings!

Mariana Flores - Women's protest
Mariana Flores – Women’s protest

-Mariana Flores