Mariana Flores: Getting Back with Your Ex?

Mariana Flores: Taking hard decisions
Mariana Flores: Breakups
Mariana Flores: Breakups

Most women who have a new relationship, but they haven’t overcome their exes prefer to spend time with their ex-boyfriend and continue loving them as the first time. Are these women trying to get hurt again? Some experts say that women always try to:

  • Change men despite the difficulties
  • Make them think that the only thing they need is her by their side
  • Believe that their exes are nice because they’re still in love and they didn’t have the intention on hurting her
Mariana Flores: Getting back with you ex
Mariana Flores: Getting back with you ex

Wisdom says that when you end up a relationship, you have to let it go. You might ask why, it’s really simple:

  1. You deserve better
  2. Your love ideas are just that, ideas, they aren’t real and this because meanwhile you are crying over your ex, he probably is getting in bed with someone else
  3. You need to put yourself first

Remember, nobody is better than you, and if someone important in your life doesn’t want to be in your life, don’t do anything. People come and go, friends come and go, and real friend are going to stay.

By [Mariana Flores].