[Mariana Flores] Adele the Grammys Queen

Mariana Flores - Adele Emmys 2017

Adele and Beyoncé were the main protagonists this year`s edition of the Grammys -the most important award of the music world- which were also packed with political agenda against President Donald Trump.

Adele saw her work triumph above many other artists in a gala where Beyoncé -per the media- was blindsided due to racism, even when she did win for her “Formation” music video and her Album “Lemonade” as “urban contemporary album”. Adele’s “Hello” won for best pop solo performance, which beat out Beyoncé’s “Hold Up.” Adele also won for a best pop vocal album for “25,” a category that Beyoncé wasn’t even nominated.   Solange Knowles -Beyoncé’s sister- also won for best R&B performance for “Cranes in the Sky.” This is Solange’s first Grammy in the first year she’s been nominated.

The late David Bowie also had his night. Winning several awards for his last album “Blackstar” that was released days before the passing of the rock icon -excluding “Album of the Year”- which almost had no contest from his fellow nominees.

Metallica had a -very controversial for their fans- participation with the Queen of the “Superbowl LI” Lady Gaga. The show was praised by the public. However, the metal`s top band encountered bad critics from their fanbase. Generating a lot of “memes” in the Social Media.

The gala had a political side as many artists sent different messages in favor and against the new president Donald Trump. One of the most notorious was Beyoncé’s acceptance speech for “Lemonade” in which the star recognized to have included in her body of work a “voice to their pain” and a message of strength and beauty for her children.

Mariana Flores - Beyoncé Emmys 2017
Mariana Flores – Beyoncé Emmys 2017


-Mariana Flores