[Mariana Flores] Abused Women: What Can We Do to Help Them?

Mariana Flores - Abused women

Women have rights and even if they do seem to have that many problems when it comes to this topic because of many controversial thoughts, then you should remember


Women have been themselves abused in history and it is an ice that even has its roots growing until our days.

Mariana Flores - Women's rights
Mariana Flores – Women’s rights

It would be totally advisable to help and do something so we can help women that are in these situations. Maybe you are a woman and you have lived under those situations. You can always do something to protect yourself from going to the authorities

Remember that you should be encouraged because this issue is possible to be fixed. You should remember that you have a hope and that there is no problem that has no solution in this life so keep your strength alive!

As well, women should be helped in a psychological way because many women have been abused in such a violent way that the mental damages can be really strong. This is something that should be considered also: women are human beings and they deserve respect! Remember that women are important and if you are a man, remember that there is never any reason to treat them like that; actually, you should defend them in a very gentle way.

Of course, it will be impossible to attend all the case of this style on your own but you can always help them by sharing the problem and the details with others.

Did you know that many times women do not want to go to judgment with their husbands because they do fear them going to jail or suffering a death penalty? Then it is time for you to consider that this situation is really strong and that you should be definitely sensible about the problem.

-Mariana Flores