IMPORTANT! When Women Choose Wrong Boys

Mariana Flores: Choose the right partner

History has taught us that many women use to choose wrong regarding men. But why is that? Most of the time women look the personality of men and they tend to be attracted for their popularity and this particular characteristic of is called being “ALPHA. You probably are making questions to yourself about this. Well, if it is so, we are going to help you with the definition.

Mariana Flores: Women choose alpha male
Mariana Flores: Women choose alpha male

ALPHA refers, according to experts, to those male of any species, including human beings, that demonstrate who is in charge. They demonstrate in their groups that they have control; they are dominant and know how to guide their group to success. You can see this kind of behavior easily and mostly in dogs and wolves.

Bad boys

Women choose bad boys even when they are too bad because these men show confidence all the time and this could be something that turns women on. In fact, women react satisfactorily if:

  • You move in certain way
  • Your speech is credible
  • You treat her right
Mariana Flores: Signs You're Dating an Alpha Male
Mariana Flores: Signs You’re Dating an Alpha Male

These kinds of rules apply for women too

  1. Women have to show themselves as confidents and strong in their own way
  2. Women have to feel comfortable with them, and with their decisions
  3. Women have to be women. It means they need to be feminine

In the end, it is important to know very well who is going to be our partner for the rest of our lives. For that reason, if you are a woman and you are reading this, remember that is more important to see if:

If you are careful with this, you are probably choosing the right one for you.

By [Mariana Flores].