Frida Kahlo: Her identity, being Mexican

Mariana Flores - Painting

      Frida Kahlo was a talented Mexican artist that lived in the 20th century and demonstrated that women can also be strong and have, at the same time, sensibility for life and love. She is popular for her portraits of herself that she painted during her entire life, and with every painting she did, she gave a little about herself and her emotions.

       Every painting she made showed her emotions and opinions about her life and her own society. She was a political activist and she had a strong point of view about what was happening in those years in Latin America, especially in her own country: Mexico.

Being in love with an artist:

Mariana Flores - Frida and Diego Rivera
Mariana Flores – Frida and Diego

She was really passionate about life and for her husband Diego Rivera. This man could be considered as one of her most important inspiration for a long time. They were really in love and everybody could notice it. Rivera wasn’t really an attractive man as we could think about men; he was quite a fatty, with a particular face and a unique way of wearing clothes. However, he was so smart; he was an intellectual man with a great talent regarding painting and politics. He was such a women lover, and Frida wasn’t the only wife he got. Actually, she was the second wife and not the last one.


Mariana Flores - Frida
Mariana Flores – Frida’s Identity

Nevertheless, they were happy together and both of them express their feelings in the best way they could. Meanwhile, Frida used to like strong and powerful colors, and her face in every painting transmitted certain kind of emotions that many people around the world like it and admired her work. Her art work was simple but with strong characteristics that make people think about Mexico and Mexican’s identity.


Finally, as Frida’s identity, her paintings represented al her strength, every painting of her face in every stage of her life showed her desires to keep living no matter the difficulties there were.