[Mariana Flores] Adele the Grammys Queen

Mariana Flores - Adele Emmys 2017

Adele and Beyoncé were the main protagonists this year`s edition of the Grammys -the most important award of the music world- which were also packed with political agenda against President Donald Trump. Adele saw her work triumph above many other artists in a gala where Beyoncé -per the media- was blindsided due to racism, even when she did win for her “Formation” music video and her Album “Lemonade” as “urban contemporary album”….

[Mariana Flores] Women’s History Month

Mariana Flores - Women’s History Month

  Elizabeth Cady Stanton: The Right to Vote Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a founding member of the Women’s Movement and fought for the equal treatment of women. At the first Women’s convention, she drafted the “Declaration of Sentiments, Grievances, and Resolutions” where she proclaimed “that all men and women are created equal”. In 1869, along with Stanton, Susan B. Anthony founded the National Woman Suffrage Association. This American Icons video …

[Mariana Flores] Mother of Emperors

Mariana Flores - Mother of Emperors

  Our last article dwelled in the world of ancient Rome, and how despite the chauvinist ways of this civilization some women achieved significant importance. This is particularly true in the case of these two women. Aggripina (yes, both had the same name) as they gave birth to emperors of Rome. Agrippina the Elder lived from 14 BC to 33 AD. She was the granddaughter of Augustus and the wife…

[Mariana Flores] How Lived Women in Rome

Mariana Flores - Women of Rome

As her nephew attempted to stab Commodus, he shouted, “Here is the dagger the senate sends you!” This was ample warning to Commodus’ guards. Commodus had them executed in 182 AD. A character based on Lucilla appears in the movie Gladiator. Aurelia Cotta, who lived from 120 to 54 BC, was the mother of Julius Caesar. She was the one in charge of raising Caesar along with his two sisters…

[Mariana Flores] Marie Curie, a great scientist

Mariana Flores - Marie Curie

Not only was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, she is the first person and only woman to win twice, the only person to win a Nobel Prize in two different sciences, Also the first woman to become a professor at the University of Paris, and in 1995 became the first woman to be entombed on her own merits in the Panthéon in Paris. Born in Warsaw, Poland…

[Mariana Flores] Putin decriminalized domestic violence

Mariana Flores - Vladimir Putin and domestic violence

This could be part of a rising conservative tide in the world, seeking to roll back the clock on women’s rights. Many Russian women were not surprised by the new law. “I don`t think this new law will make the situation dramatically worse in Russia – the situation of victims is so bad already, this would be difficult.” Said Psychotherapist Natalia Tumashkova. 40% of violent crime in Russia already happens…